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Auto Servo Drive SpreaderES-960

1.Servo system,cloth feeding very precise.
2.Color LCD touching screen,easy for recognizing and operating.
3.Two sides (forward and backward)safety guard.
4.Roll or fold type can be exchanged very easily.
5.Various speed manualoperated bar
6.Fully automatic tension detected and adjusted.
7.Va rious speed manual operated ba r.
8.Combination roller and special device,make the cloth surface very smooth
9.Retractable catcher,easy for operating.
10.Moveable catcher,easy for operating
11.Application for multiple length operation.
12.Machine's construction is stronger enough to affording 120KG material

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  MODES Max spreading width(mm) Table width(mm) Weight Dimension Power
NA-950/6' 1635mm 1830mm 420kg 3327*1815*936mm 1KW/220V
NA-950/7' 1935mm 2130mm 450kg 3627*1815*936mm 1KW/220V
NA-950/8' 2235mm 2430mm 480kg 3927*1815*936mm 1KW/220V

Spreading Speed:Max.Approx.97/min
Spreading Height:20cm
Passage Height:23cm
Longitudinal Edge Accuracy:±3mm
Longitudinal Edge Accuracy:±2mm
Diameter of Cloth Roll:50cm
Weigth of Cloth Roll:120kg