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Auto Woven SpreaderES-880

1、Applicable for woven fabrics spreading
2、Photo-elecltric auto edge control system ensures p recise alignment of each ply
3、Tension adjustable by a manual handle
4、Duo-feeding unit provides feeding in
tensionless state
5、Stable running maintained by ona-body
machine frame structure
6、Static eliminator avalilable
7、The air flow between plies dissipated by a special cloth bar
8、The machine height reduced,much easier operation
9、Easy operation and high efficiency

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MODEL Max spreading width(mm) Table width(mm) Weidth Dimension Power
NA-880/6' 1600mm/64in 1830mm/72in 350kg 2385*1715*550mm 1.4KW/220
Single Phase
NA-880/7' 1900mm/76in 2130mm/84in 400kg 2685*1715*550mm 1.4KW/220
Single Phase
NA-880/8' 2200mm/88in 2430mm/96in 500kg 2985*1715*550mm 1.4KW/220
Single Phase

Max. Spreading Speed:97m/min
 Max. Spreading Height:20cm
Max. PassThru Height:23cm
Accuracy lwngth:+3mm
Accuracy of edge alignment:+2mm
Roll Diameter:Up to 50cm
Weigth Capacity:Up to 120kg

Layers Preset Control
Type ofSpreading Control
Auto Edge Alignment
Auto Up & Down Control
Two Catchers For DUAL Way Spreading
Auto Cutting Control
Emergency Stop Control
Dual Material Feeding
Auto Material Feeding