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1.Single-or low-ply layer cutting
2.Open vacuum-system design for evenly dispersed airflow
3.Standard three-toolcutting head
4.Standard porous plastic table top
5.Optional LexanW ,urethane,PVC and microfiber table tops
6.Hig h-speed consistent cutting,repeatable accuracy and flexibility
7.True production system also ideal for prototyping and sam pIe making

8.Operating costs
9.Standard and custom vacuum zoning available
10.Four remote emergency stops:two on carriage,two on table
11.Diode laser pointing alignment tool
12.Onboard control panel with alphanumeric user interface terminal

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Product description:
Eastman's S125 Static Cutting Table provides superior cutting performance and increased throughput. It is capable of marking, cutting, drilling and punching virtually and flexible material at speeds of up to 150cm/s with accuracy of 0.4mm, with higher accuracies available. Material is spread across the static table, and is vacuumed to the surface to ensure material hold-down for cutting accuracy.

1.Saftware:Windows operating system
2.Drive power:Dual-X,Y and Theta Axis"Brushless"Servo Motors(includes industrial amplifiers and closed loop encoders)
3.Drive system:Rack and Pinion Drive
4.Cutting&Plotting speed:150cm/s)
6.Accuracy: 0.4mm
7.Electrical requirements:
Control PC and drive system:380V3phase,50/60Hz,3.6KVA
Vacuum blower:230/380/460V,3phase50/60Hz7.5HP,VFD control
3 phase 50/60Hz,7.5Hp
8.Compressed air requirements:75-100 psi. @15 scfm
9.Soundlevel:75 dbA
10.Standard sizes:
Active cutting widths:
60 in.(1.5m),72 in (1.8m),78 in (2 0m).96 in (2 4m),108 in (2 7 m)
and 114 in.(2.9 m).Custom widths available in 6 in. (15.2cm)increments
Overalltable lengths:
12ft (3 7m),24ft (7 3m),36ft (11.Om),48ft.(14 6m)and 60ft (18.3 m)
Custom lengths available in 4 ft.(1.2m) increments.