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1.Heavy-duty welded structure
2.Powerfulconveyor drive system
3.Robust gantry and tool head design
4.Self-contained blower and silencer requiring less space with quiet operation
5.Exclusive high- durometer , monofilament urethane belt for long life and unsurpassed cutting quality
6.24/7 run time with optimal performance

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Product description:
he Eagle™is Eastman's latest low-ply CNC conveyor cutting system, and is designed to run 24 hours/7 days a week without sacrificing speed or accuracy. It delivers heavy-duty continuous cutting performance that can stand up to any cutting requirement. Material is automatically fed and spread across the conveyor and vacuumed to the surface utilizing an internal blower system.
1.Eliminates material spread time
2.Patented'self-contained high-flow vacuum system with minimal maintenance
3.Patented'perforated steel-top plenum-an extremely hard and flat cutting surface
4.Pre-tensioned cutting belt
5..Precision servo-controlled belt tracking system
1.Ability to handle infinitely long markers with efficient piece nesting resulting in improved material usage
2.Reduced labor with increased productivity
3.Exclusive pressu rized diagnostic control cabinet with universal power and system diagnostics
4.Cutting variable/step thickness without blade depth change (optional )
5.EasicutTM easy-to-use Windows~, plotter motion-control software with calibration and diagnosticfeatures
6.Touch screen display conveniently located on the cutting gantry
1.Software:Windows operation system
2.Drive system:Rack and pinion Drive
3.Cutting&plotting spead:150cm/s)
4.Conveyor belt speed:(28cm/s, optional 40cm/s
6.Accuracy: 0.4mm
7.Active cutting widths:72 in.(1.8m),78 in.(2.Om),96 in.(2.4m),108 in.(2.7m),
126 in.(3.2m)and 156 in.(4.Om) ,Custom widths also available.
8.Overall table lengths:12ft.(3 7m),16ft (4.9m)and 20ft.(6 1m)Custom lengths also available
9.Electrical requirements:
Diagnostic controlcabinet:
Vacuum Blower:
230/380/460V,3phase,50/60Hz,10HP,VFD control
10.Compressed Air requirements:75-100psi.@15scfm