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1.The distributed motion control (DMC) communicates over a single ring network that allows the machine to run even with a network cable break
2.Distributed motion control provides intelligent nodes for more precise diagnostics
3.Self-monitoring; can report faults and alert operators when attention is needed or if maintenance is required
4.Machines that are networked can be accessed by our service techs from off-site in real-time
5.Hig h efficiency vacuum permits cutting of most materials without need for resealer option
6.Standard reciprocating knife with sharpener assembly and optional single/dual hollow punch pneumatic drill
7.Intellicut'M knife control software improves the quality of the cut from top to bottom ply
8.Cutting area made up of long-lasting bristle blocks allowing the knife to pierce without damage
9.Touch screen display and joystick conveniently located on cutting gantry
10.Ta ke-off conveyor operates in independent or synchronized modes

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product description:
The MPC_7000r Multi- Ply Cutting System is an automated reciprocating straight knife cutte r, with conveyo r, capa ble of cutting  upt 0 2.75 in. (7 cm) of compressed material. Material is automatically conveyed from a spreading to ble to the cutting area where a polyethylene film automatically covers the spread to create an airtight seal. Equipped with a network based distributed motion control system, this real-time digital network incorporates machine intelligence with additional diagnostic, performance and relia bility benefits. The M PC_7000TM is ca pa ble of monitoring itself; reporting faults and can alert operators if maintenance is required.
3.Chain driven bristle cutting surface
4.Dual-X, and Y Axis Rack & Pinion drive
5.Brushless servomotors drive
6.Modular 4-disc automatic knife sharpener
7.High efficiency vacuum
8.Va cu u m silencer a nd d ust/d eb ris filter
9.Touch screen display and joystick
10.ptions include:
Automatic bristle cleaner
Lateral drive
1.Lateral drive - motorized device for moving the cutter from one spreading to ble to another
2.Automatic bristle cleaner
3.Resealer - seals cut areas to provide maximum vacuum hold down
Software - Eastman PRO Software Suite
1.designPRO - design, digitize, grade, verify and print
2.nestPRO - automatic marker optimization
3.cutPRO - operating control software
4.spreadPRO - plan and optimize cut order
Material Handling
1.NA-600 Series Spreading System
2.Saber Series Cradle Feed Spreading System
3.Blue Jay Spread & End Cutting System
4.Pacemaker or Tu rnta ble Manual Spreaders
5.Expandable Roll Carrier
Overall Table Width* 91.in.(2.3m) *Does not include gantry
Overall Tab Length 220in(5.6m)
Addressable Width 78in(2.0m)
Addressable Length 6.5ft(2.0m)
Useful Unloadig Length 78in(2.0m)
Power:Electic Controls:200/230/400/460/575V/3PH,50/60HZ,9.0KVA
Vacuum:200/220/380/415/440/575V/3PH,50/60HZ,30HP(22KW)/VFD control
Powr:Pnermatic Nominal:7bars(101psi)/min.
Weight ~8.500ibs(3.8ton)
Operating System windows os
Drive System Dual-x,and y axis rack&pinion drive,all drives use brushless servo motors
Cutting Speed Thickness/material dependent
Max. X/Y Speed 40in/sec.(60m/min)
Max.Acceleration 0.3g
Max. Conveyor Speed 8in/sec.(12m/min)
Static Positioning Accuracy ±0.010in.(±0.25mm)
Sound level <76db(A)
Max.Vacuum Pressure 65in.h2o(162mb)
Max.Vacuum 2000cfm(57m3/min)
Max.Thickness of
compressed&cut ;material
Max.Thickness of
non-compressed material
Reciprocating Knife Speed Variable up to5000rpm RPM
Specifications are subject to change without notice