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Low-temperature Continuous Fusing Press MachineEFP-1000L

1.Special lengthened preheating can make perfect fusing of the cuts in lower temperature.thus reducing the color deviation of the cloths in high-temperature fusing.and not affecting the feel of the cloths.

2.It uses the temperature fusing.and not affecting the feel of the cloths.

3.It uses the temperature controller with PID.the high-tech digital display.

4.The pneumatic pressure control can ensure the accurate pressure.

5.Twelve groups of special heating devices can minimize the temperature difference.

6.The cleaning device can clean the Teflon belt in operation,to keep the belt clean.

7.The special cloth separating device can make the operation smooth.

8.The lengthened feeding area can have several operators to do the fusing,so as to improve the productivity.

9.Movable rollers are installed at the bottom of the machine.making is easy to handle.

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