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Shrinking And Forming MachineEFS-1800

1.Independent control for each section conveyor system feeding fabrics with tension free.

2.Wet steam and vibrator system make fabrics be softened completely.

3.The wet fabrics coming from vibrating area will be dried very quickly thus drying area with the appropriate temperature.
4.With powerful cooling system.the temperature of fabrics will be cool down promptly.The fabrics will be formed well due to the temperaturedifference.
5.Fold the fabrics back and forth with swing structure which will reduce the tension when rewinding.
6.Special auxiliary heating device can make up for the lack of steam heating.The temperature of drying area is fully adjustable.
7.The Meter Counter.equipped as standard.can accurately measure the length of the fabric after forming.

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1.Reduce the size shrinkage of the cloth.
2.Prevent the size change and deformation during the production.
3.Enable the cloth cutting goes smoothly.
4.Make lining and shell fabric touch closely.No need to consider shrinkage after cutting,sewing,pressing much improve the product quality and increase the product value added.
5.This shrinking and forming machine the best choice working with CAD and 
CAM systems.