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  • Straight Knives
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  • Manual Cutting Machines

    1. The ventilation system of the blade design appropriate, centralized cooling, improve the stability of the motor running, prolong service life, energy saving electric energy.
    2. The overall design accord with human body mechanics appearance, easy to control.
    3. The unique power connections

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  • Automated Spreader

    1. Needle, spindle dual-purpose, for most of the fabrics
    2. Knitting for distribution network, distribution drum
    3. The photoelectric automatic edge, edge level
    4. The tension control can be adjusted, without tension feed

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  • Automated Cutter

    1. The single layer or lower cutting
    2. The standard three segment and configuration of a pencil
    3. The overloaded bit (optional)
    4. Cutting tool replacement type a
    5. Standard porous plastic mesa

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  • Cutting Room Appliances

    Play version, grading, nesting section

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  • Ironing System

    1. Each separate adjusting control conveyer, in the condition of no tension into the cloth.
    2. The cloth was steam wetness and vibrator is flabby, will make the fabric softening in full.
    3. The fabric after vibration area directly into the dry area, wet cloth can rapid drying under optimum temperature.

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  • Accessories

    1. And the use of form a complete set of machine, lifting height is adjustable, to set the height of the after
    Automatically stop, equipped with mobile casters, light goes on loose pile fabric/the whole roll of fabric.

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  • CAD software
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  • Spare parts

    1-1/2 stroke connecting rod 664 c1-4, 8 80 c8 HS high-speed steel knife, alloy steel knife 80 c8 SP, thick blade abrasive belt c2 181-1, 1341 series wire gloves

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