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Fusing Press Machine Model: EFP-450
1.Small machine size.easy movement.Suitable for flat knit fabrics and its cut patterns fusing press need.
2.Its open structure can be used for larger cuts,such as:sleeve cuts,etc.
3.It has standard cloth scraper,which can enable the
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Fusing Press Machine Model: EFP-900A
Fusing Press Machine:
1.Continuous fusing operation can increase the productivity.
2.The fusing width is 900mm,without limitation of the length.
3.The automatic belt correction device can ensure the upper and lower belts will not deviate.
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Low-temperature Continuous Fusing Press Machine Model: EFP-1000L
1.Special lengthened preheating can make perfect fusing of the cuts in lower temperature.thus reducing the color deviation of the cloths in high-temperature fusing.and not affecting the feel of the cloths.
2.It uses the temperature fusin
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