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Auto Servo Drive Spreader Model: ES-960
1.Servo system,cloth feeding very precise.
2.Color LCD touching screen,easy for recognizing and operating.
3.Two sides (forward and backward)safety guard.
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Auto Woven Spreader Model: ES-880
1、Applicable for woven fabrics spreading
2、Photo-elecltric auto edge control system ensures p recise alignment of each ply
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Auto Knit and Woven Spreader Model: ES-660
1.Applicable for both knitting and woven fabrics spreading
2.Dedicated extension mesh and roller for knitting spreading
3.Photo-electric auto edge contrli system ensures precise alignment of each ply
4.Tension adj
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Auto Heavy Duty Spreader Model: ES-1800
1.Applicable for all types of fabrics
2.Super load capacity,up to 180kg
3.The diameter of fabric up to 72cm
4.Drive cloth bar,more easier to have fabric go through
5.Super lower position for material loading labor saved<
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