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Fusing Press MachineEFP-900A

1.Continuous fusing operation can increase the productivity.
2.The fusing width is
900mm,without limitation of the length.
3.The automatic belt correction device can ensure the upper and lower belts will not deviate.
4.The electronic thermostat and the constant temperature system constant temperature system controlled by solid state relay can minimize the temperature deviation.
5.The heating monitoring device can control the normal operation of the heating system.
6.The six groups of electrical heating tubes can make the even heat transmission of the heating system,which can be used for various cloths.
7.The imported Teflon fusing belt can ensure the even temperature.
8.It has anti-fold roller to deal with various cloths.
9.It has the belt mesh conveyor series,which is good for cooling.
10.It has the device for auto cooling,constant-temperature and shutdown.
11.It has a device for pressure compression.
12.The specially-designed cleaning beam can clean the belt completely and can be easily changed.
13.Option:L is for lengthened belt.

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