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Fusing Press MachineEFP-450

1.Small machine size.easy movement.Suitable for flat knit fabrics and its cut patterns fusing press need.
2.Its open structure can be used for larger cuts,such as:sleeve cuts,etc.
3.It has standard cloth scraper,which can enable the cuts to be separated and not to foam or deform.
4.It has the device to prevent deviation of belt,so it is unnecessary to disassemble the machine to remove the belt deviation,thus ensuring the working life of the belt. It has the special pressure assistance device,ensuring the
5.largest pressure can reach
1.5kg/cm. Its electronic temperature adjuster and special heating device
6.Can minimize the temperature error. It uses a Teflon transmission belt.
7.Cleaning beam can clean the belt at any time.
8.Powerful cooling down fan can prevent the damages of
9.electronic parts in high temperature.

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